Bird Netting installation in Mortlake

Bird netting is a flexible effective pest control solution to prevent entering buildings in Mortlake and is low maintenance. The object of netting is bird exclusion and it tends to be made from heavy duty fibres with metal fixings.

Installing Bird Netting in Mortlake

Pigeon problems (roosting or perching) in Mortlake can be often resolved with netting where large open spaces need to have a bird - barrier - a typical example would be the spaces between vertical columns on old building which are prone to bird infestations.

A netting barrier in Mortlake can be heavy or light duty net and provided in a range of colours to differ a transparent effect and blend in with the building with a mesh size dependent on the shape and birds being deterred .

heavy duty bird netting Mortlake

Heavy Duty Bird Netting

For long term exposure, bird netting should be UV stabilised so that it does not fade too much or weaken in sunshine, .

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Our netting installation costs are reasonable and we can organise a site visit if required..

bird netting Mortlake

Bird Netting..

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