Bird Spike installation in Mortlake!

Pigeon spikes Installation in Mortlake

Our pigeon pest control service in Mortlake often use spikes to prevent roosting on windows sills, ledges and signage for example. Made from plastic or metal, spies are a humane bird prevention measure as they physically prevent the bird from resting on the protected surface. Bird cries can indicate nesting and a spike system will hinder the birds creating a nest.

They are commonly used and correctly placed pigeon spikes are a very effective barrier for all volatiles.

Our anti pigeon measures include a wide range of tools and we find this type of anti-roosting pest control highly effective particularly where the ledge is normally hard to access.

pigeon spikes Mortlake

Standard pigeon spikes..

All types of bird barriers supplied.

We install at weekends if required.

Affixed to ledges and sills.

Long life spikes are used.

Installation is quick.

Call us today for complete bird control and deterrent services and we will send an expert technician to quickly quote you and carry out the work.

Spikes are an effective deterrent Mortlake

Spikes are an effective deterrent

Our expert pest management services..

  • Bird eradication in Mortlake
  • Planned and reactive pest control
  • Preventative barriers

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